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Building and Structural Surveys Price Cost Fee Quotes - Birmingham, West Bromwich, Redditch, Erdington, Bromsgrove



Our Building and Structural Survey fees are based on property size and thus the work required, not the purchase price and a guess at the size of your pocket!


  Property Age                                   Pre 1919          1919 - 1945           1946 - 2011


1 and 2 Bedroom Flats            £450.00             £425.00                 £400.00

1 and 2 Bedroom Houses        £550.00             £500.00                 £450.00

3 Bedroom Houses                  £650.00             £600.00                 £550.00

4 Bedroom Houses                  £750.00             £700.00                 £650.00

5 Bedroom Houses                  £850.00             £800.00                 £750.00

Please note that VAT may be applicable! 

Valuations: £60.00 including VAT


Guideline Fees for properties under £300,000.

Please call 0800 026 6739 or e-mail for confirmation


All surveys include:

  Telephone discusion welcome before and after

  Client welcome to attend the property at the end of the inspection (You must fit in with the surveyor)

  Electronic delivery of reports for speed

  Fully inclusive price: No VAT of hidden extras

  Electronic contracts available

  Pay by cash, cheque of bank transfer (Paypal is possible but the processing fees are expensive). Typically £10.00  

  Extra living rooms £50.00 each

  One or two reception rooms, conservatory, garage, en-suite shower, small cloakroom and small utility rooms included.

  Bungalows charged as per houses.





Independent RICS Chartered Surveyors - Building and Structural Survey Price Cost Fee Quotes  

Birmingham, West Bromwich, Redditch, Erdington, Bromsgrove.  





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