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Steve Butler Surveyors have over thirty years experience of property in the Birmingham area and West Midlands. Steve Butler is an RICS surveyor and has lived at Edgbaston, Moseley and Hall Green areas of Birmingham and worked in central Birmingham. Steve Butler Chartered Surveyors are particuarly interested in Homebuyers Reports and Building Surveys for people purchasing property, Structural Investigations, valuations for Help to Buy and Housing Associations, boundary disputes and dispute with small builders due to poor workmanship.

For more information about Steve Butler surveyors Homebuyers Reports and Building Surveys in Birmingham and the West Midlands please call 0121 607 8165

RICS building survey of a property by Birmingham Chartered Surveyors

Our Birmingham surveyors considered that the problems in this building were all in the cellar.

The blocking up of a former coal drop and a lack of any other underfloor vents would allow damp to accuulate in the cellar. Still air prevents damp evaporating and being blown away and also encourages dry rot which had infested a timber door frame. The problem with dry rot is that it can travel from a source of moisture to other parts of the building which are dry, and if disturbed the fruits can expell millions of spores.

The cellar also had a small plant growing on the wall which is probably wet rot. Beetles also like damp timber. Dust form their boring has been trappd by the cobwebs.

Our surveyors were most alrmed that the cellar also contained an open flued boiler which in an unventilated cellar would casue an extreme danger of carbon monoxide poisioning.

Birmingham house and property surveyors structural report on a 1910 semi detached house

This property has been constructed with a shared side path and side doors to reduce plot width saving land costs. The walls are solid and will be cold.

The property also has an angled ceiling in the annex again to reduce the expense of constructing full room height walls. The angle is unlikely to be insulated and will be cold and prone to condensation. It may be possible to push rigid insulation down from the roof void. Stuffing soft insulation into the angles should be avoided as it prevents ventilation encouraging condensation.

Our property surveyors were unconcerned by a solider arch that had dropped as it was probably due to historic foundation movement and as the bricks drop they jamb tightly together thus repairing the arch.

The surveyors were much more concerned by a leaking downpipe as the water can easily soak through the solid walls. Large escapes of water can trigger dry rot decay.

Our RICS surveyors were also alerted by a missing chimney breast. Most pre WWII reception rooms have a chimney breast. The lack of one in this room may be indicated  that the first  floor attic chimney breast is no longer supported.


Birmingham surveyors RICS Homebuyers Survey and Report of 1932 terrace house 


The surveyors found that this Birmingham property had solid walls which could be prone to cold and condensation and allow water to easily penetrate

The surveyors found codensation on the entry wall in an unheated and badly vented cupboard. The entry tunnel had an asbestos ceiling but the surveyors were not particuarly concerned as the asbestos was well encapsulated. Simple precautions such as wearing a mask will suffice if disturbing it.

Poor gutter arrangements concerned our surveyors as they had allowed spillage which had penetrated the walls.

Animals had been busy digging up the garden and chewing the roof structure.

RICS Surveyors CPR35 Expert Witness Reports for Birmingham County Court


RICS Surveyors Expert Witness CPR 35 compliant Report for Birmingham County Court

RICS Expert Witness Report on an ExtensionRaditaorPoor fixingUneven floor

This Birmingham RICS Surveyor Expert Witness report report related to an extension with lantern roof that had been constructed in the place of a relocated  conservatory. The relocted conservatory was at high risk of fracturing as no ground preperation had been undertaken before pouring the concrete foundations.  The extension floor has been laid at the wrong level and had a slope in it as it approched the existing house. The slope has created a dam that filled up whist the extension roof had yet to be constructed vausing a pond of water to distort the existing dwellings door.  It appears that the installation of the underfloor heating elements had been forgotten when pouring the floor as channels had been retrospetively cut out to house them. Unfortuantely the channles beared no relationship to any underfloor heting elements on the market and made no provision for insulation to stop heat loss ot the ground. The channels would also have resulted in the heating elements being too widly spaced The  the roof structure had not been bolted together properly and steel lintels were sitting on out of plumb bearings which are likely to cause the bearing to try and rotate. A bock wall rocked when pushed with a hand. Our RICS Expert Surveyor thought that the extension would have to be demolished.

RICS Surveyors Structural Investigation of a Birmingham House for an Expert Witness Report

The recent purchaser of this property built in the late 1960's first became aware of a problem when he lifted the lounge carpet and found a large crack of the floor slab running from front to rear. An initial investigation by another surveyor suggested that the matter might be due to sulphates in the base of the floor attacking the concrete but a chemical analysis confirmed that this was not the case. Such attack tends to form small humps as the concrete expands rather than snaps. In this instance the walls of the property also showed signs of fracturing and one of the window openings on the rear was competely distorted. The brickwork in a drian chamber had also rotated in the horizontal plane. Reference to the old Birmingham OS sheets suggested that the house was built on an old sand pit that had subsequently been filled in. It was concluded that the sand or fill had been washed away by an escape of water from a drain. Property currently unlikely to be motgagable until it can be confirmed that the movement has ceased. Purchaser re-sold the property to a company that buys houses for cash at £20,000 less than was paid for it. Unfortunately he had not had a Homebuyers Survey Report before buying the house.

RICS Party Wall Surveyors for Party Wall Surveys and Schedules of Condition in Birmingham

Short Party Wall Act 1996 award and photographs from a property in Birmingham

If undertaking work to party walls or excavations near to boundaries it is important to follow the rules of the Party Wall Act 1996 or you can have works altered by injunction and have to pay compensation to neighbours for any damage to their property. Steve Butler RICS surveyors can help negotiate agreements with neighbours and prepare schedules of a property's condition. If neighbours are about to commence work or have already started then we can also help and fees are usually recoverable from the party undertaking the works.


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RICS Valuation Surveyors 

Experts in the valuation of property including interests in property such as leases, development potential or rights to receive income from investment properties Residential and commercial properties come in many forms from flats to country estates and corner shops to shopping centres or industrial estates. Valuations are required for a wide range of matters such as purchase, taxation bankruptcy or lending or deciding the viability of developments

Valuers are normally members of the RICS Valuer Registration Scheme and comply with RICS ‘Red Book’ guidelines an international valuation standard.

Chartered Quantity Surveyors 

Liaise between development owners and the contractors in respect of construction projects particularly in relation to controlling expenditure and ensuring that value has been obtained when making stage payments. The quantity surveyor is involved from costing outline  schemes until completion of the project. They are also experts on contract disputes and resolving them by arbitration.

Land Surveyors 

Measure and survey the land and sea. There work is used for preparing maps, complex engineering projects such as pipe lines, setting out sites for development and resolving disputes as to land ownership

Party Wall Surveyors  

The Party Wall Act 1996 was designed to prevent and resolve disputes between owners of neighbouring properties in relation to work on or close to a party wall. Part wall surveyors prepare and consider schemes of work to ensure that a neighbour’s property is not damaged during building works. Usually a schedule of condition of the adjacent property is prepared so that any damage causes by building works can be identified and a pan of works is set out to try and minimise any damage.

Agricultural Surveyors 

Usually act for large land owning estates collecting rents from and  managing farms, woodland lakes or villages owned by the estate