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 Birmingham Surveyors CPR 35 Report on a poorly constructed Extension for Legal Proceedings

View of the half constructed Orangery


 The pad stone for the lintel is out of plumb

The concrete has been poured around the radiator pipes without a protective sleeve. Concrete can attack the copper pipe causing a leak. It is particularly important to sleeve copper gas pipes or lay them in an inert material.

Thin concrete foundation poured on ground that has not been properly dug out. High risk of differential settlement causing cracks

The floor has been laid at the wrong level so a slope has been incorporated to get it down to the level of the French windows

Structural timbers have been screwed rather than bolted to the house wall

 The block wall can be moved by pushing with your hand

Unsightly blocks projecting beyond the conservatory frame

 Supposed channels for underfloor heating. The are to widely spaced. It is hard to imagine how the floor can be insulated to prevent loss of heat to the substructure.