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Badly laid tiles from a Birmingham Surveyors RICS Witness Expert Report

Leicester Surveyors Report

Note the unsightly thick joints with ragged edges. No attempt to clean off the grout.


Surveyors report on defective tiles

The silver bead is proud of the tiles at their joint. None of the top three tiles are level with each other

Leicester surveyors report

Grout left on the bath. No angle bead used in the corner. Tiles on one side of the corner are not level with those on the other. Note the level of the tiles below the window

RICS Surveyors report for court

 Self explanatory!

Surveyors expert witness report

The tiles undulate in relation to the level

Vetical joints not in alignment

The top tile is not square to any of the others. The bead again projects in front of the tiles. Note the badly capped electric cable. A proper cap costs about 50p


The onwer of the house was charged £500.00 for the laying of the tiles. The £250.00 or so that she spent on the tiles is a write off as they are not recoverable.



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